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Take control of your investments.

Question for disciplined, long-term investors who are actively trying to build confidence selecting stocks on their own analysis…

If you could gain an advantage in the market through working a repeatable, trusted, and professionally-informed process to navigate the noise that doesn’t strain your schedule and nips the overwhelm from the industry’s ‘need to know every strategy’ pressure right in the bud…

…would you finally feel confident enough to take your financial future into your own hands and make learning how to navigate the value investing world like an expert your #1 priority?

Maybe you just caught yourself gently nodding your head. Or, maybe you’ve given yourself whiplash. Regardless of how your ‘Yes, please!’ looks (and feels), here’s why being ready to own your success in the stock market matters.

There are thousands of undervalued stocks on the market every day ready to be catalyzed into exponential growth with relatively few eyes on them…and with few investors clued in to their potential.

If you’re listening to the same voices talk about the same stocks day in and day out and feel like you’re wasting time listening while more interesting (and profitable) stocks out there to look at...


The lack of trust in your analysis process makes your current solo stock selecting practices feel random at best, and incite a cellular fear of portfolio-fatal crashes that would cripple you financially (and let’s be real: emotionally)...

Then keep reading...

Because the kind of confidence you're after in your stock selecting strategy comes from knowing your picks are founded on factual information and solid assessment; they can stand up to the most ruthless scrutiny of all—your own—and provide the advantage in the market you've always wanted.

An advantage that is ahead of the curve and anticipates trends and movements that no one else could see coming.

This could very well be the turning point in your investment journey.

Because with all the time and energy you spend trying gain an advantage…

Isn’t it about time you saw that investment pay off?

With the kind of commitment you bring to learning about investing and future focus you bring to growing your wealth, you deserve the payoff.

You deserve to feel complete confidence and clarity in your investment strateg—knowing that whatever you wake up to, and no matter how the market moves, you’ve got a well-informed (and goal-aligned) plan to implement.

You deserve to feel excited and optimistic about your potential in the market—free to make choices informed by your own skills and expertise, and inspired to put your strategy to work with the intent of finding a real diamond in the rough.

You deserve to experience a win: to not only find a high potential stock, but to run it through your detailed analysis, to create a sound thesis about it, to test it as it fluctuates, and to feel calm, focused, and in control through the entire process.

If all that means you make some money in the process... well, you deserve that, too.

What’s got you stuck in taking-ownership-of-your-stock-collecting limbo? 

You’re overwhelmed and distracted by trying to understand all of the strategies instead of focusing on (and mastering) one.

You’ve been told beating the market is impossible.

You’re already time-strapped and don’t think you have enough hours in a week to be ‘successful’.

You don’t trust yourself.

Being the source of confident decisions on under-talked-about stocks (aka those diamonds in the rough) and beating Bloomberg to the punch as they swing upwards IS possible.

And now, in a more methodical, data-driven, research-backed, and personally tried and tested way than ever before.

By getting intimately related to the assessment strategy I’m about to share with you, you’ll:

  • Be a pro at sorting through the 50,000 stocks available to find the high potential 5
  • Feel confident in your process of discovering, researching, and analyzing stocks
  • Expertly craft a professional-level thesis about a company, that’s got a tight focus and lays out multiple strategies for managing your position after you buy in

These outcomes are totally within your reach.

But getting there—analyzing and investing with focused confidence—will require some work on your part, and that work has two requirements:

  • 1
    Your willingness to actually do the work, methodically and with patience
  • 2
    Your openness to getting to know and understand yourself in the process

Putting the process to work means investing the time to go deep; to dig into the fine details and use a professional and expert lens to make your picks.

And it means understanding yourself as an investor; being open to feeling your way through the process, disagreeing with and challenging me where it’s correct to do so (for you) and ultimately landing in your unique, personal investing style on the other side, backed by a strategy that you can repeat and refine, time and again.

It’s THIS strategy that’s personally let me beat some of the industry’s top experts to the punch on stocks that have outperformed the market.

It’s THIS strategy that’s allowed me to stand confidently in my choices—even when challenged by other investors (both professional and recreational)—and trust myself in the long run.

Because that’s what this is about: long-term gains.
Long-term success.
And playing the long game means doing the work to create viable investments that work for YOU.

Still with me?

Great - because I am so excited to share something that’s been brewing for decades…

Hi, I'm Stephen Spicer...

First, let me take a hot minute to introduce myself—the ‘investing since 12 CFP’ and passionate empower-er of other investors…

I'm a proud husband to my amazing wife and rad-dad (my words) to three young (and super-awesome) boys.

I made my first stock purchase decision when I was 12-years-old (my mom kindly took the order for me). My fascination with the stock market never slowed, only diving deeper into its inner workings through my teens, into my 20s, and beyond.

Stephen Spicer, Founder of Spicer Capital

Today, I’m a Certified Financial Planner®, author, and YouTube show host who’s dedicated to helping people invest smarter.

After spending 5 years in financial services industry following receiving my BSBA in Investments/Finance, I chose to take a new direction and manage my own fund (which also involved burying myself in research in the process). And what emerged were some real concerns (and the book I wrote...but that’s another story).

I kept on discovering problems with the industry and with the traditional investment paradigm. And I felt like I had to do something.

Which is why I founded Spicer Capital: specifically to help people invest smarter. To provide them with new perspectives and possibilities when it comes to growing their long-term wealth.

I believe in helping others achieve their goals and providing tangible ways for that to happen; whether through one-on-one financial planning services or through resources I create aimed at empowering the hungry-to-learn and ready-to-take ownership investors who want to get more from their investment, and want to own the process.

Investors like you. 🙂

Because I want you to be successful. I want you to achieve your goals. And my take on that is empowering you with the skills to do that on your own; relying on your own skills, ability, curiosity, and smarts to create the outcomes you want.


I was thoroughly impressed by the course. It was professional and extremely well done. It took me from someone who sort of just winged it to someone who is actually confident and knows what he's doing. The investment in the course was well worth it for me.

Chris Miller

— Marine Officer
Twentynine Palm, CA


As one of the beta students working through the course I can honestly say Stephen has really put together and extremely well laid out, comprehensive and well thought through course. Stephen's course is helping me to put together an investing strategy I can be confident in. 

Aaron Coret

— Entrepreneur


I think Stephen is a dedicated teacher with a lot of love for the game. This course got me trough the company search process from a to z, I learned more then I imagined.
I'm sure this course can make everyone an educated stock selector.

Chris Groeeneveld

— Construction Worker
Hilversum, Holland


Get Empowered!

The most detailed, deep-diving value investing process that takes you step-by-step from start to finish; from having no idea where to begin to feeling completely confident in your investment thesis development and the decisions it informs

Get supported and guided every step of the way with instructional and over-the-shoulder tutorial videos that will take your analysis skills from scattered and surface level to focused and refined.

In bringing over a decade of value investing skills and experience into one place, the result is a totally comprehensive 6-module course that articulates in details the analysis process I’ve refined and gives you a clear and direct road-map to making confident, informed decisions about where you take a position...and where you say an assured ‘No, thank you.’


  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6

Putting your money and emotions on the line, and creating an empowered plan to manage your positions.

Create more confidence, self assurance, and empowerment in the investing process.

Instead of being at the mercy of the market, you’ll have an organized approach to how to move when it does.

You’ll have a plan in place to mitigate your losses and maintain your gains.
And most importantly, you’ll stop keeping yourself up at night worrying about your positions crashing more than the market, knowing that even if that were to happen, you have a course of action already in place….it just has to be set in motion.

As methodical as the analysis portion of the process, in building trading confidence you’ll:

  • Understand The Psychology of Trading: In the world of stocks, knowing when, and how, you’re going to move in response to the market is the way forward - not always acting on those knee-jerk (and heart-tugging, at times) tendencies. You’ll move through the module encouraged to create a road-map and plan for how you’ll move in response to market changes that’s in your best interest - and aligned with your personal goals.
  • Exit Upon Invalidation: know the point where you call a spade a spade, and exit. By considering two ways to invalidate your hypothesis after taking a position, and having a plan in place to know what you’ll do if (or when) something happens and the floor keeps falling, meeting yourself in the moment of ‘I must be wrong’ becomes an easy decision of what to do next. A humbling exercise…and the way you’re going to prepare yourself emotionally and protect yourself financially in the long run.
  • Make Upside Considerations + When to (and when not to) Reevaluate Your Hypothesis: even in times of insane upward momentum, having a smart, well-considered plan in place is wise. Get the lowdown on what to do when things swing upwards - and how to keep the money you make in the process.
  • Find the Ideal Entry Point: as muddied as finding the elusive ‘perfect entry point’ can be, drop into a not-overly-technical way to approach finding yours…so when a stock on your watchlist starts to make a bullish move, you’re ready for it.
  • Perfect Your Position Sizing: found a winner? Amazing. Learn about a simple approach to sizing up your position that doesn’t break the bank - or overwhelm your life. Walk away with new assessment tools and insights to make the wisest move forward for your portfolio and your life.

When you’ve worked your way through the course, you’ll not only arrive on the other side armed with more insight and understanding about the value investing process itself, you’ll…

  • be clear on your investment approach; know where to start, every time, and how to move through the process
  • be a more self-aware investor; confident in your strategy, ability, and unique investing-personality
  • experience less FOMO and be more interested in finding your own opportunities; be excited at each new opportunity to research and analyze stocks
  • be able to drown out the hype coming from media and news sources, finding optimism and confidence in your potential in the market
Get Empowered!

And it's all backed by...


This is all about YOUR confidence: in the course delivering on your expectations, and as a newly empowered value investor.

And the promise is simple:

If, in 30 days, after taking the time to digest the course content, move through the modules, apply the process, and sit with the strategy, you still don’t feel like you have a clarified approach, process and strategy to confidently discover, research and analyze stocks that you find….

...simply send me an email and I will email you back to make sure we get your refund processed ASAP, no questions asked.

Yep. It’s that clear, and that simple.

I just can’t stand the thought of someone paying good money for something that I’ve created, and not feeling as though they’ve received more than enough value from it.

And I don’t want there to be any barriers impeding your long-term success.

And...30 days is more than enough time to immerse yourself in the content and determine if it has authentically contributed to your experience as an investor.

Receiving real value and real, usable, tangible skills and information: that’s the goal.

Yes, some people will take advantage of this guarantee. Mainly because I’m not asking you to show me ‘proof’ of doing the work.

But I didn't create this course for them (those who might take advantage of this generous guarantee). I created it for YOU. And since I sincerely want to help honest people like you, I want to remove any obstacles—like the human-ness that is a little doubt or fear—that might be holding you back from saying ‘yes’ to your future as a confident value investor.

I’m willing to take the risk, trusting that the comprehensiveness of its step-by-step approach will empower you in becoming the investor you desire to be.

And having the process laid out is the biggest hurdle to clear on the path to being that person.

So - with nothing to lose, and only meaningful movement towards your future financial goals to gain...will you dive in?

Here are some questions other long-term investors ready to take ownership of their financial future and be at the helm of their personal stock picking have asked me about The Empowered Stock Selector:

I’m overwhelmed by how much information and how many strategies are out there. Is this going to be something else to add to that feeling that I can’t keep up?

I’ve made some of my own picks before….but always end up worried my positions will crash more than the market. Can this course help me with that?

I hear it all the time: ‘You can’t beat the market. Your best bet is to put your money in an Index Fund and let it sit there for 30 years.’ If that’s the case, why should I think about putting any attention on my own stocks?

There are tons of ‘experts’ online touting their ‘picks’ and top strategies. How is this course going to be any different than what they’re teaching?

I feel like I don’t have enough time available to be successful in the investing space. I’m looking for a way to be ‘in’ without draining time from the other parts of my life that matter - how does The Empowered Stock Selector fit into that?

Your self-directed financial future awaits you!

Get Empowered!