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Stop Investing Like They Tell You
The Practical Guide to Overcoming the Potentially Ruinous Flaws in Your Investment Portfolio

"In view of the precarious and unprecedented state of our global economy and critical flaws in investment theory, prudent investors will challenge the traditional paradigm."

Stop Investing Like They Tell You

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Why should you Stop Investing Like They Tell You?

Well, let me ask you a few questions...

What's your allocation to stock? Over 50%...? That's a lot banking on one type of investment! I'd be nervous…

What's your allocation to bonds? Over 20%...? With interest rates as low as they are...!? Even on paper, that doesn't seem wise…

What's your exposure to the United States? Over 70%...? Banking on a single country!? I love the US just as much as the next patriot, but really?! "No pressure Uncle Sam, but for some reason, tens of millions of investors are betting almost exclusively on you!!!"

In 1929, the US stock market started its 89% decline! It took 25 years before the market reached new highs.

In 1989, the Japanese stock market peaked near $40,000. Today, 3 DECADES later, it's around $20,000... HALF!

It took 2 decades to reach its low, an over 80% drop.

Imagine your investments and retirement plans through either of those scenarios.

Can you feel the emotion? The stress? The pain?

Is it impossible something like that OR WORSE could happen again?

Of course not! Why would it be?

Would you be able to "stay the course?"

Would you want to...?

That's what your advisor and pundits are telling you to do... right?

See, it's not your fault you're so exposed. It's theirs.

Don't worry; there's a better way…

The problem is... your advisor doesn't even understand it…

Yet it's affordable, accessible, and easy to grasp…

This research-based, logic-filled, data-driven book provides investors with practical, easy-to-understand solutions.

This book will show you:

• The 4 most pressing concerns for your portfolio today
• The #1 most critical (yet often overlooked) flaw in traditional investment strategy
• A step-by-step method for overcoming these potentially ruinous issues
• 5 alternative strategies that could easily be incorporated into any investors portfolio
• 3 asset classes that each outperformed the S&P 500 and a traditional 60/40 stock-bond-only portfolio during our two most recent boom-bust-recovery cycles.

Most investors succumb to laziness and apathy when faced with these realities. It's much easier to invest like everyone else and use ignorance as an excuse…

Challenge the traditional investment paradigms. Don't leave your life savings at risk.

The simple changes outlined here can have a significant impact on your financial future!

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Peek inside Stop Investing Like They Tell You, with the Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Should You Care?
Who Is This Book For?
How to Use this Book
Why Should You Worry?
The Purpose of this Book

Chapter 2: Market Basics

Chapter 3: Modern Portfolio Theory
The Parts to Keep
The Parts that Could Get You into Trouble

Chapter 4: Introduction to Alternative Investments
What Is an Alternative Investment?
Who Uses Alts?
How Were These Endowment Returns All So High?

Chapter 5: Advanced Alts
How Could You Gain Alt Exposure?
Long/Short Equity
Market Neutral
Managed Futures

Chapter 6: Real Estate Investment Trusts

Chapter 7: What’s Next
1. Go It Alone
2. Robo-advisor
3. Advisor
Whatever You Do, Do Something!

Next Step

Appendix: Intelligently Enhanced Diversification
Overwhelmed Yet?
Intelligently Enhance Your Diversification
It’s Not “My Way or the Highway”

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Part 1: Problems (Public Service Announcements)

PSA 1: Your Emotions Will Kill Your Returns

PSA 2: Modern Investment Theory's Massive Logical Fallacy

PSA 3: Let's Explore Your Portfolio

PSA 4: Who Can You Trust?

PSA 5: How to Recognize the Extremely Common Way Advisors Rip Off Clients

PSA 6: How to Vet Your Current or Potential Advisor

Part 2: Solutions

Module 1: Understanding Modern Portfolio Theory



Diversification & Correlation

Why MPT Makes Sense at First

Module 2: What to Keep & What to Tweak



Module 3: What to Add


Shorting Funds


Managed Futures


Bringing It All Together

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