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The market is obviously insane right now; the near-term future is bleak. But I have a lump sum of money sitting in cash that I would like to invest, and I'd love to bring you along for that process.

Are you interested?

I don't know exactly what this is going to look like—it will definitely evolve over time. At the very least, this will be me building out a stock portfolio with you watching, commenting, asking questions, getting insights, disagreeing, learning...

We'll talk regularly about what I'm seeing regarding the stocks in my portfolio, on my watchlist, and others I'm stumbling upon as I seek the absolute best opportunities (maybe you have a stock or two you'd like me to check out along the way?).

For you, the early supporters, we'll lock you into some super low rate (I'm thinking $10/m...). I'll give you a lifetime option as well that won't exist forever—but as I've mentioned in videos, if there is enough support for this, I'll be directly investing these funds into being able to create more for you all.

If you're interested at all, let me know by putting in your information up there. I'll send a personalized video to your email as soon as I get a chance walking you through what I'm thinking! (I welcome and look forward to your feedback.) I can't wait to get the opportunity to work with you in a more personalized way.

Regardless of what you do, I wish you all the best! Take care!

Stephen Spicer

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