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Otelco: Undervalued with Great Upside Potential

Otelco: Undervalued with Great Upside Potential

A year ago I submitted my first contribution to Seeking Alpha. I covered a micro-cap company called Otelco. Their business model wasn't exciting, but the asymmetric opportunity was too great to pass up. I found the stock to be incredibly undervalued, a catalyst that could lead to quick and substantial gains, and very little downside risk.

Since that time, Otelco's share price has risen over 100%, and I don't believe the ride is over. The asymmetric upside potential of this small telecom company still exists--another 100% or so.

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From the introduction (for complete citation and disclosure, see the original article):

Although its share price has increased by almost 100%, OTEL's valuation ratios remain near industry lows. Additionally, its management has increased discussion of strategic alternatives amidst a backdrop of frequent industry acquisitions. In other words, the company's stock still provides investors with a relatively safe "option" on its potential future acquisition.

First, let's explore the continued viability of OTEL stock as a sound investment relative to comparable companies. Then let's run through three likely scenarios for Otelco's (and its shareholders') future. Finally, we'll put numbers to those scenarios to establish realistic expectations.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long OTEL.

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