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Not All Financial Planners Are The Same...

What do you want your planner to do for you?

get started

Utilize the basic financial planning features of our unique software for free. Forever! Set up your own custom dashboard, link your bank and investment accounts, mortgages and other debts, all in one place. Track your expenses and watch your net worth grow!

holistic plan

From comprehensive strategy to expert execution, we'll guide you through all the steps you need to take in order to best achieve your life's personal and financial goals, while taking as many of the tasks off your plate as legally possible.

Explore the scope of our expertise on our Planning page. We're here to help you with all that and more!

From simple $500 starter plans for those just starting their financial journey, to much more complex, custom strategies for those with more than 7-figures in assets. Schedule your call to see how our team could uniquely help you.

And then, because we'll really want to help you on an on-going basis anyway... you'll get six months of our on-going personal CFO service for free. As long as you’re engaged with us in that way, you’ll never be subject to a holistic planning fee again—even if you do end up inheriting $50MM from a long-lost uncle or winning your state lotto's jackpot! But more than likely, we’re going to be working alongside you helping you get to the higher asset levels listed below. It’s much easier to keep up with all the moving pieces of a growing financial plan when we’re along for the ride.

personal CFO

Because our financial concerns and questions permeate our on-going lives, it makes sense to have on-going guidance.

Our personal CFO service will help you understand the most important metrics in your financial life so you can live the life you want. We’ll work with you each month to understand where you currently stand with these various metrics and guide you on the next steps to best achieve your goals. Each month of the year is focused on a different part of your financial picture. Over the years we’ll be tracking your progress.

Our Personal CFO service starts at just $100 per month for those with less than $100,000 in assets (excluding their home). That fee increases as the complexity of your financial situation increases—up to $800 per month for those with more than $15,000,000 in assets. These on-going fees are offset based your total investment balance held through Spicer Capital (see schedule below).
Schedule your call to discover what this service would uniquely look like for you.


To understand the extreme value we provide our clients from the investment perspective, you'll need to understand the potentially-ruinous flaws with the way almost everyone tells you to invest!
Here's a great place for you to start, or you can just schedule that call and we can chat about it briefly.

Then, check out our Investments page to get a feel for our unique approach and some of our solutions.

Every quarter, we'll send you video reviews walking you through the details of where your portfolio stands relative to the market and relative to your unique financial aspirations and concerns.

We'll also provide you with regular market and/or account updates during volatile times (whether that be quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even at rare times daily) to keep you apprised and prepared. (See the details of our investment fee schedule below.)

Monthly Fee Reduction

Spicer Capital's cost of our on-going monitoring of your plan will be offset by a monthly fee until your investment fee covers the cost of our planning services and oversight.

Investment Balance

Monthly Fee Reduction

















Investment Management Fees

Below are Spicer Capital's tiered investment fees. Additionally, the money manager's fees range from 0.5-0.8% depending upon which strategy you and your planner decide.

Investment Balance

Annual Fee

First $1,000,000*


Next $1,000,000


Next $1,000,000


Above $3,000,000


*At this time, our account minimum is $250,000. That minimum is waived forever, however, for any household that undergoes and fully pays for an initial strategy—that is to say, even if you decide to stop paying monthly for our on-going Personal CFO services, we'll still help you manage your investments as per your initial strategy.

Example Cases

  • Mike is just out of college and staring his career. 
  • He has less than $50,000 in assets to his name.
  • His initial planning fee is $497.
  • His on-going fee is $197 per month.

After helping Mike understand and initiate all the best strategies to help him reach his unique goals, our team works with him each month answering all his questions and keeping him on track.

Upon accumulating $250,000 in his investment accounts, his on-going planning fee drops to $97 per month.

  • Shelly is the extremely-busy owner of a rapidly-growing small business with several employees.
  • Her business alone is worth around $500,000.
  • Her personal assets are worth another $750,000, including $500,000 she would like to be managed by Spicer Capital.
  • Her initial planning fee is $1,997.
  • Her on-going fee is $297 per month (the $497 for that level of assets minus the $200 fee reduction due to her investment balance).

Our team works with Shelly to ensure her business is properly protected. We help her navigate the complexities of group health benefits as well as establish a company retirement plan for which her employees are grateful.

Confident in her business and investment strategy, her assets under our management swell to more than $2,000,000.

After factoring for the accompanying monthly fee reduction of -$797, she now has no on-going fee but continues to work closely with her Spicer Capital planner and our team of experts for the rest of her life.

  • Lauren is a successful corporate executive.
  • She owns several rental properties valued at $1,000,000 and is interested in expanding her real estate portfolio.
  • Her personal assets are worth another $3,000,000, including $2,000,000 she would like to be managed by Spicer Capital.
  • Her initial planning fee is $2,997.
  • Her on-going fee is $0 per month (the $797 for that level of assets minus the $797 fee reduction due to her investment balance).

In addition to Lauren's comprehensive personal financial plan, our experts review and evaluate each of her real estate holdings.

Every month, we help her evaluate her options as she builds her diversified portfolios. And, as long as her market investments are managed by our team, she doesn't owe Spicer Capital any planning fee for that access to our Personal CFO expert team.

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After exploring our free resources and understanding the potentially-ruinous problems with the way almost everyone tells you to plan for your financial future... your next step is to schedule your free consultation.
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