Choosing the Right Financial Planner Will Make a Significant Difference for Your Financial Future

We are a team of financial experts currently best positioned to help...

Philosophy Alignment

philosophy alignment

Concerned investors seeking a better way to protect and grow their hard-earned assets.

If you're okay with the traditional investment paradigm—the stock-and-bond-only, buy-and-hold approach—you should not work with us. (Instead, you should start with our book.)

Expert Guidance

holistic expert guidance

People who value having a team of experts working for them to optimize every aspect of their financial life.

If you're not interested in having us quarterback your entire financial picture for you—you prefer to have each professional working in a silo—we will likely not be a good fit.

Investable Assets

$500,000 TO $10,000,000

Diligent savers who have accumulated between $500,000 and $10 million in investable assets.

It's important to us to always provide massive value to those we serve, and although we'd love to help everyone, we are currently best positioned to help those with assets in this range.

Don't fall within our current range of investable assets? As soon as it makes sense to do so, we will expand our range of those we are best positioned to serve. Let us know you're interested by sending us a message in the chat below.



  1. Intro Call: Get all your questions answered. We'll see if you're a good fit for us and you can see if we're a good fit for you.
  2. Discovery Meeting: To know exactly how we can best serve you, we'll need to become intimately familiar with your unique financial situation.
  3. Overview Meeting: We'll show you exactly what you can do to optimize your financial life—how you can lower your taxes, make your retirement savings last longer, better protect your investment dollars with out sacrificing upside potential, and more.
  4. Sleep On It: We know this is a big decision. In fact, we require you to take some time before moving to the next step. Whatever you decide, we want you to feel absolutely no pressure so you can be confident in your decision.
  5. Decision Meeting: We answer whatever additional questions you may still have and then proceed accordingly.



  • Action Meetings: We immediately go to work for you helping you implement the most pressing and impactful recommendations.
  • Monthly Planning: Every month, we will work with you on optimizing a piece of your plan. Most months, we will send you a custom video to review at your convenience and save for future reference. 
  • Quarterly Reviews: We will create a video unique to you reviewing the performance of your assets that we are managing and explaining relevant market updates .
  • Annual Reviews: At least one time each year, we will meet with you over video conference to review what all you have accomplished during our time working together. We will review your plan to determine what we need to do over the next year to get closer to your changing life goals.
  • Scheduled Meetings: All of this and you still have full access to your financial planner. You can schedule a face-to-face meeting with them whenever you need.
Sample Ongoing Implementation



We continue to provide that same monthly value for as long as you’re a Spicer Capital client—always optimizing you plan, ensuring you're on the most efficient path to your evolving life goals.

Overtime we will help you implement the stable lifetime income strategies that most appeal to you and will work best given your unique situation—this could include dividend stocks, passive real estate income, etcetera. For most, the goal is to entirely replace their current monthly needs and wants—essentially creating their own private pension.

[COMING SOON] Real Estate Portfolio Planning: At this time, our real estate advice is limited to helping you run the numbers and make decisions on properties you’ve found. We are working toward being able to help you find the best properties across the country, coordinate property management, and more.

The way most advisors tell you to invest leaves you exposed to massive risk...

there is a 

Better way

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The difference between an optimized financial plan and one that just adheres to mainstream advice can be hundreds of thousands—even millions—of dollars over your lifetime.

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