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One last thing, where should we ship your book?

Here's What You're About to Get...

We'll mail you an advance copy of my 312-page, WSJ bestselling book Stop Investing Like They Tell You. Not even Amazon will have physical copies available until February 22, 2022 and even then it'll be at a retail price of $21.95.

We'll also include a few customized ideas for how you could better protect and grow your life savings!

*offer available until we run out of copies...

Stop Investing Like They Tell You

Verified Reviews

Bryce Young - Web Developer

I've done myself plenty of harm in the past relying on my own investment ideas and traditional advice passed down to me. Stephen's book really helped things click for me. He has an exciting way of talking about a subject many people dread. I'm looking forward to putting this book into practice.

Gary Prinz - Civil Engineering Professor at the University of Arkansas

Not only is this new book by Stephen Spicer informative, it is clear, concise, and to the point which makes for an enjoyable read. The book illustrations are descriptive and make for fun page turning learning :). Having read a few texts on investing/financial advice in the past (7 habits, etc.), I find this book to be what I needed (as an amateur investor) to really understand the fundamental concepts of growing my money through investments.

It is definitely a good read for any amateur/new investor!

Mitchel Kuhn - Director of Advanced Planning

Stephen does a good job of pointing out many of the false assumptions and often ignored risks in today's average portfolios. It is critical that we understand the context in which we are currently living, and how similar situations in history have played out. Stephen is a student of history and lays out a logical case for why we should all be concerned with a traditional portfolio allocation. I am a Financial Advisor as well and can say that Stephen certainly knows more than 95% of advisors practicing today.

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