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Market Chaos

market chaos

Traditional investment advice—the stock-and-bond, buy-and-hold approach—leaves you entirely too exposed to violent swings in your life savings.

Outliving Income

Outliving your income

Whether or not your hard-earned money will be enough to accomplish all your goals and last your entire life should not be so dependent upon luck.

Unpredictable Returns


With an understanding of these myths comes an understanding of why people investing in the traditional way tend to consistently underperform the market.

Through extensive research, data, and logic, Stop Investing Like They Tell You pulls back the curtain on the financial industry—revealing the potentially ruinous flaws with the way almost everyone tells you to invest. 

As with any issue, fully understanding the problem is the first step to overcoming it and ultimately embracing better solutions...

Verified Reviews

Luke Milholland, CFP® - CEO of Vault Wealth Strategies

This is a gem of a book for the "average" investor looking to challenge the traditional investing paradigm. The author does an excellent job of balancing reason/research/logic with behavior/emotion in a way that is easy to comprehend for any level of investor.

As an financial planner, I found this book to be a refreshing and thought provoking read. It will definitely leave you wanting to think more deeply about how you are investing your life savings.

I would recommend it for anyone wanting to take their investing game to the next level or anyone who wants to have more meaningful conversations with their financial advisor.

Mary Beth Conlee - Freelance Editor

I am not sophisticated in the area of financial investment. But this book is written clearly and educated me step by step; I feel more confident in my understanding of these concepts now.

The author's experience and attitudes towards the mainstream financial industry resonates with me. I appreciate his approach, his values, and his intention with this book, and recommend it to anyone befuddled or curious about this issues.

Paul Farnsworth - Director of Public Relations

This is a great book. It is well-written, patient, and timely. Spicer's ambitious and provoking perspectives are spelled out cleanly and succinctly.

A bold indictment of investment traditions, STOP INVESTING LIKE THEY TELL YOU will make you stop and think on every page. We should all be interested in taking charge of our own investments and not blindly trusting institutions that may not have our best interests at heart. This book is a great launching pad for evaluating your solvency in an ever-changing financial world and taking easy steps to diversify your portfolio and hedge against volatility.

I feel better informed and better prepared having read this book, and am already taking steps to improve my own protections against uncertainty and risk.


Expert Guidance

Rethink Retirement

The idea of just figuring out your "retirement number" is not the best way for most people to plan and prepare for this ambitious goal.

Missed Opportunities

Advanced Strategies

There absolutely are better ways to invest your hard-earned money. This book helps you consider where several of your options might fit in.

Expensive Estate Plans

Better Investments

With the right strategies, it is possible to overcome the risks of investing while still even potentially outperforming the market itself!

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Stop Investing Like They Tell You

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Discover the Mainstream Investing Myths...

Stop Investing Like They Tell You is a practical guide to overcoming the potentially ruinous flaws in an investment portfolio. After operating under the umbrella of a large brokerage firm for over five years, Stephen Spicer CFP® came to realize that his personal investment strategy was incongruent with what he was supposed to, or even allowed to, recommend and grew increasingly uncomfortable with the prescribed advice. Unafraid to challenge the traditional paradigms of a broken system, Stephen built Spicer Capital to address his clients (and his own) investment and financial planning concerns.

In Stop Investing Like They Tell You, Stephen challenges traditional advice and guides investors through a comprehensive understanding of the 16 most egregious myths regurgitated throughout the financial industry. Upon completion of this text, readers are also left with confidence as to how they can better invest so as to protect and grow their life savings no matter what chaos the future may hold in store.

One final thought...

I am humbled and honored that you've given my book so much consideration already. I know it can be difficult to challenge the norm. Believe me: I understand. As a Certified Financial Planner™, I've had to immerse myself in the mainstream dogma... I've worked in and studied the industry for more than a decade now... I've been there, uncomfortable with the potentially-ruinous flaws I was discovering with the way everyone is told to invest. It was difficult to question the traditional paradigm... But I'm so glad I did. My investments are better for it. My clients' lives are better for it.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how appreciative I am for your support and vision. I hope you do get and read the book. I sincerely believe it will change your financial life for the better.

Whatever you decide to do, I sincerely wish you all the best.

Thank you,

Stephen Spicer

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