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Stop Investing Like They Tell You

I’ve watched plenty of financial videos but nothing like the logical fallacy explained here. Keen to learn more from you.

James Robinson

Stephen, you opened my eyes, I have been riding without a helmet! I love this course, it really tests the validity of what most investors usually think!

Anne Meeks

Great work—your YouTube channel, this website and videos—very educational and professionally done! Thank you for giving back and sharing your knowledge to the ‘regular Joe’, the retail investors like me!

Oscar Dutch

Your videos are very clear and helpful. I am enjoying going through this course with you. I have picked up a few new things and am considering several different “what-if” situations that I really had not thought about much before. A very good mental exercise. I am actually considering a slight change of course, taking heed of your course content, which I think is very reasonable. Thank you.

Kevin Enyeart

About Stephen.

With more than a decade of experience as a practicing financial professional, Stephen Spicer CFP®, AEP, CLU became increasingly uncomfortable with the industry's cookie-cutter advice. He's exposed several potentially-ruinous flaws inherit in the way almost everyone tells you to invest.

A Certified Financial Planner™, he is obsessed with researching and discovering the best financial solutions to better protect his clients' hard-earned money without sacrificing gains.  Learn More Here.