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Have you noticed the potentially-ruinous problems with mainstream financial advice?

Fiduciary Responsibility

You will not find a comprehensive financial planning team more focused on ensuring your interests are the only priority.

Advanced Solutions

Mainstream investment advice is flawed. We're constantly seeking the absolute best solutions for you and your unique financial puzzle.

Refund Guarantee

Don't miss our one-of-a-kind Pay-what-it-was-worth-to-you Guarantee. We don't want anything to hold you back from a better financial future.


Financial Planning

Like a personal CFO, our experts help you optimize your financial life over the course of your entire life—balancing your unique personal, business, real estate, and other finance-related goals...


Investment Management

The buy-and-hold, stock-and-bond-only approach is potentially ruinous. Our never-ending search for the absolute best alternatives has already revealed several superior strategies to help you better protect against the inevitable downside without sacrificing upside potential...


Strategic Banking

Take advantage of our in-depth research and unique understanding of how to properly structure and use the versatile infinite banking strategy to save on taxes, protect your portfolio from market volatility, efficiently eliminate debt, and so much more...

Infinite Banking Consultation

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After exploring our free resources and understanding the potentially-ruinous problems with the way almost everyone tells you to plan for your financial future... your next step is to schedule your free consultation.
We'd love to help, however we can!

Stephen Spicer, CFP

Founder, CEO 

After successfully operating under the umbrella of a large brokerage firm for years, Stephen came to realize that his personal investment strategy was incongruent with what he was supposed to, or even allowed to, recommend. He grew increasingly uncomfortable with the prescribed advice...